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'Pelto' at Communal Living Site 6

'Dawson' in the cockpit of a P-47 Thunderbolt

'Pelto' with a sign with the letters reading 'WACs'

'WACs' stands for 'Womens Army Corps'

'Biagi' and 'Dumbarton'

'Biagi' and 'Howard'

B.T.O. # 2, # I, Respectively

'Biagi' and 'Howard' are looking towards
Building 14 which is Section 7 Orderly Room

To the right is Building 5 the Dining rooms

In the background is Brook House
Farm & out Buildings & also
Air Raid Shelter number 9
at Communal Living site 6

'Moseman & Dawson'

'Woody & Pelto' at site 6

'Ol droopy wings'

Northrop P-61 Black Widow

'Pelto' in front of a
B-17 'Batting AV 57'

'Pelto' in the rear
Turret 'Stinger'

'Cox & Buesing'

in front of building 7 at site 6

De Havilland Mosquito 'Skeeter'

L/R is Woody, Wells, Althouse, and Pelto,

in the background is:

Building 7 & Air Raid Shelter 10 at Site 6

Unknown 8th Air Force
Personnel at Site 6

'Woods' In front of Building 7 at Site 6

in the right background are the
buildings of the Technical Site

McCracken 'Cracker'

In front of the P-38 from the left are:

Mc Bride, Woods, and Bolan

'Daniel' in Limey Mustang
taken from the P-51 Wing

Time is 10 in the
evening & raining

'Danny' in a towing tractor

A-20 on runway 04

in the background is a B-17 from the 96th
Bomb Group based at Snetterton Heath UK

'Pelto' in a P-38 Lockheed Lightning

in the background is the L-Type Hangars at E-Site

'Pelto' in the cockpit of a North
American B-25 Mitchell

'Mike Biagi' in front of
an Air Raid Shelter

'Pelto' Bails out

Left to Right are:
'Lewis, Danson, and Pelto'
in front of a P-38 Lightning

B-17s in 'Sad Shack' Dispersals

Ronald J. Wood

'Northrop' P-61 Black Widow

'No Stomach Giles' in the Cockpit
of a Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

The following 4 photos are of the Douglas C-54
Skymasters at Burtonwood in Civilian Clothes

The following 3 photos are of C-46s hauling
cargo out of BAD1 Burtonwood after VE Day


American Red Cross Club at
Princes Street Edinburgh


The cemetery grounds of St Peter's
churchyard at Village Road Heswall

The American in the photo is
Jimmy England [Limey John]

St Peters Church with a part 14th Century tower

The main body of the Church was rebuilt in 1879

A Chapel was added in 1893 by J F Doyle

The construction of the Church started in 1306 and had a grade 2 listed tower

The American serviceman in the photo is unknown

This Grave dates back to 1620

Part Roofers Nightmare

The Church is just across the road from the Black Horse Pub

B -17 Internee from Sweden [no numbers on the rudder]

'Tunison' in front of B - 17 'OL  FOUR  TEN'

B-17 'Quittin Time' 105 Missions DIR Depot
Inspection Repair at A-Site Burtonwood

34 Missions to date - 1742 - 31530/Quittin Time

Production Block to B - 17 G2O - BO - 42 - 31432 to 42 - 31631
Manufacturer Boeing

100th Bomb Group 351st Bomb Squadron Salvaged 31st May 1945

Missions 107

Delivered Denver 19/ 11/ 43

Spokane 22/ 11 /43

Kearney 12/12/ 43 with Ricih Hoggff Force Landed Base 14/12 43

Prestwick 16/1/44

Assigned 351 Bomb Squadron100 Bomb Group [EP - X] Thorpe Abbotts 17/1/44

The last crew of the B-17 'Quittin Time'
of the 100th bomb group 351st Squadron
8th United States Army Air Force

All of the crew has survived 34
missions on this B-17 to date

P-47s In dispersal 1 Waiting shipment

P-38 Test pilot 'Hoag'

P-38 Test pilot 'Maier'

Jimmy England [Limey John] in the cockpit of the
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt 'Fightin Gator'

This photo is of a very special aircraft in WW2.

It is the Republic P47 Thunderbolt 'Fightin Gator Y8' at Burtonwood USAAF in 1945.The aircraft was piloted by Fred Varn's of the 404th Fighter Group 507 Squadron. The aircraft was donated by Republic Employees & it completed 200 missions without a technical abort.

The aircraft was painted with the employee-donated plaque and the ribbons of the distinguished flying cross, the medal, and the purple heart. 

Norman Greider on the wing of the P-47Thunderbolt

Rocky Ryals/jimmy england
(not sure yet? waiting for update) 

Standing outside the black horse hotel at
School Hill Heswall on the Wirral Merseyside/Cheshire

Norman Greider outside of the black horse
hotel on the Wales Cheshire boundary

Jean Hilton and Rylas outside of
the front of the Black Horse Hotel

Jean Hilton and Greider at the Black Horse

The Black Horse Hotel Nookie Room is on the top floor

The Black Horse was built in 1843

Greider at the river dee on the Wirral

Bents Globe Wine Tavern, and Whiskey Cache for
England and Ryals, at Wallesy near Birkenhead

Phil outside of the Globe Wine Tavern at Wallasey

Cox and Terry at Liverpool Lime Street
Railway Station [the Lime Street special]

Douglas A-26 Invader the offspring

Take off on runway 33

Kochany in front of a B-24J Consolidated Liberator called the Pregnant Whale

Momma A-20 Hovoc

Death Trap Consolidated B-24 Liberator

B-17 from the 96th Bomb Group at Snetterton Heath

Super Gooney Bird Curtis C-46 Commando

A Bloody Dakota Y Know

In the right background is E-Site

P-38 Lockheed Lighting

Note the C-Type Hangars in the Background at Mary Ann Site

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt 'Somebody's Goofin off'

B-26 Marauder

Fairey Barracuda Rolls Powered

Approach to Edinburgh Castle Scotland

Monument of General Carl Haig at Edinburgh

Dean Bridge at old Edinburgh

Draw bridge Edinburgh

Miller aboard the ferry boat to North Queens, on the Firth of Forth

SGT Bill Bohn on the same Ferry on the Firth of Forth

The other ferry returning on the Firth of Forth

Miller at Sir Walter Scot's memorial at Princes Street Gardens Edinburgh

Sterling Castle Scotland

Jimmy Mc Harg and Miller at Sterling Castle

Jimmy Mc Harg and SGT Bill Bohn

Luss- Between Balloch and Ardlui near Loch Lomond

Firth of Forth Railway Bridge....1,700 feet long 

370 feet high with 150 feet clearance

56 lives lost during construction

P-47 fuel system

P-47 oil system

Flight Test Thanksgiving 1944

Flight Test Thanksgiving 1944 Names

Millers Friends at Penketh in Lancashire

Omichinski and the Clarkes cat

Omichinski and Mr. and Mrs Clarke

Miller and Daphne

Miller and Mr and Mrs Clark

Omichinski and Miller

Omichinski and Miller

Daphne Clarke and Omichinski

An English Fireplace

Daphne Clarke and Omichinski COLOR

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