James B Tunison
Aeronautical Engineer E.T.O.
(European Theatre of Operations)

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James B. Tunison was from New York and enlisted in the Army Air Force in 1943, when he was 21. He had a couple years of aeronautical engineering college at Cornell, and was sent to Burtonwood to assist with building and repairing aircraft.

He met his future wife, Paulette E. Starz at Burtonwood. She was from Indiana and volunteered for the Red Cross.

After the war, Paulette returned home and Jim was sent to Dubendorf, Switzerland to repair and scrap damaged aircraft. Mom and dad keep a serious long distance relationship strong with postal letters & Jim proposed when he returned from the war. Jim was discharged in 1946

Dad then worked for Republic Aviation on Long Island for a number of years. Then was transferred to a new project at Edwards Air Force base in California. Jim enjoyed sports cars, art, and skiing.

They had 3 children together, Jim, Jeff and Andy. James B. Tunison was tragically killed in an auto accident a week before his 40th birthday. Mom recently passed at 100 years and these volumes of photos were rediscovered and scanned.
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