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Red Cross WWII Drawings ETO ETO Tuny

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Coming in on Runway 33, 1st Base Air Depot, USAAF Station 590 England

United States Army Air Force, WW2 Airfield Site Layout Plan of Burtonwood

Note- Some buildings and hangars had different numbers in WW2 as opposed to post-WW2

Goods Railway Cars at Thetford

Mounting According to T.O.

Bob Dodges Iron Cross

Cottage at Thetford

Officers Quarters at BAD Air Div Bury St Edmunds


The Town Hall at Nottingham


Crawford and Gilman

Ray and Riley

Fairey Barracuda - Royal Navy

Braga and Meredith

The 3 Musketeers

Left to Right are Roper, Henson, and Wigan working on a P-47 Thunderbolt


Group Photo Left to Right:

Joe Loss British Dance band leader and musician

Vera Lynn popular wartime singer

And Famous US Army Bandleader Major Glenn Miller

Last is Captain Clark [spec service]

Cartoon of the South Pacific 43 by C.R. Tunison

Bowdick at Communal Living Site 6

Sad Shack, Flight Line. in the snow

Sad Shack, flight line

D. H. 89 Dominie

Mary Ann Site can be seen in the background

B-24 Lucky Strike [Ploest 1 Vet] 

Hoerning and Cobb, next to B-17

Meredith, next to B-17s

Daly, next to B-24 Dirty Gertie

'Little Switzerland' standing at the entrance to an Air Raid Shelter at site 6

White Plain's Kid

B-26 Flying Prostitute

'Zean' next to B-26

Back row from the left is Martin, Daly, Linsey

Front row from the left is Courtney, Williams, and Hebert

Left to right are Daly, Williams, Shepherd, Martin, and Linsey

Left to right are:

Courtney, Martin, Daly, Williams, Hebert, and Shep


Back row from the left is:

Daly, Williams, Linsey, Martin

Front row from the left is:

Shepherd and Courtney

From the left are:

Eppes, Tuny, and Cisco


From the left are:

Vernon [Shroub], and Eppes [Atkinson]

At the front is:


and at the back is:


'Buck Fry' Section 23, Site 1

Gamble, and Mc Cracken in front of C-47

Alert Service:

From the left are:

Gamble, Mc Math, Mc Gracken, and Hensen

This Building was located in front of the J-Type hangar on the Technical site

Alert Service:

From the left back row are:

Henson, Detorre, Shope, Dodge, Fri, Flanders, and Heimbuecher

From the left front row are Spaulding, Williams, and Gamble

Alert Service:

'Captain Mac' (note the model aircraft above the sign)

Riley from Oklahoma is next to a B-26

From the left standing in the snow are:

Hebert, Hancock, and Williams

Bud Martin from Xenia Ohio

Frank Fortuna in a Barrack hut

From the left are:

Henson, and McCracken

In the background is Building number 3 the ferry ATC Control

In the distance are the hangars of A-Site

Major Mc Math Outside of the 'Sad Shack'

From the left back row are:

Daly, Linasey, and Martin

 And from the left front row are:

Court, Shepherd, and Williams

The photo was taken at site 6

B-24 Old Boomerang claimed to have shot down 12 Jerries

Standing Left to Right is:

The Bombardier, CO-Pilot & Crew Chief

Left To Right Back Row Are:

'Lindsey', 'Courtney', 'Martin', & 'Herbert'

Left To Right Front Row Are:

'Shepherd', & 'Daly'

'Marshall' Is In The Cab

Left To Right Standing Are:

'Folly', 'Hoffman', 'Pettarre', 'Tek', 'Walters', 'Hoerning', & 'Griffith'

Left To Right Front Row Are:

'Forcine', 'Geiss', 'Greisimer', 'Snell', & 'Cob'

left to right are 'Gamble', 'McCracken' & 'Hensen'

'Daly' standing at the entrance of an Air Raid Shelter

left to right are 'Larry Ware' & 'Duncan' in front of B-17s

On the left is 'Moldy Morgan' and Assistant 'Wheel'

On the left is 'Hensen' & on the right is 'Spaulding' in front of A-20

'Ray Riley' in front of a P-47

'Miller' on the left and 'Braga'

'Meredith' in front of B-26

Donald Dipped - IN ALL - OVER - BE

'Gerre' on the Microphone

Inside the American Red Cross Aero Club

Piper L-4 Liaison Aircraft

B-17 'Alabama Exterminator II'

Two of a Kind

Nortarop P-61 Black Widow

UC-78 Advanced Multi-Engine Trainer Aircraft in a Collision with a B-17

Damaged B-17 of the 398th bomb group

Based at Nuthampstead UK

Vertical Stabilizer Flack damage of Flying Fortress B-17 G Nicknamed 'Sparky'

From the 100th Bomb Group 349 Squadron Based at Thorpe Abbotts UK

Photo Dated 19/5/44

Aircraft Taxiing Collision

'Git up them stairs'

Barracks 7 at site 6


American Red Cross Aero Club with Gerre & Friends

Gerre in the middle


Gerre on the left with a friend

Gerre with a friend outside the American Red Cross Entrance


Gerre standing in the West area of site 6

Jean, Gerre, Thatcher, & Kelly

Gerre standing on the left with 2 Friends

Gerre with pet Dog

Gerre is on the Left with a friend

A line-up of P47- Thunderbolts

In the Foreground is an L-5 Liaison Aircraft

The Control Tower & Buck Rogers B-26 Racer is in the Background

C-47 Gooney Bird

War-weary B-24 Old Boomerang - she always comes back 86 Missions

 Irvin & Co

Leaky Joe and Gamble

Donald Dipped and B-24 Dirty Gerty

B-17 the Stump Jumper - 75 Missions so far

Angels Playmate

Henson & Spaulding in front of P-38 Lockheed lighting Jill's Jallopy IV

Tuscon and Dipped in Kinyon

PBY Catalina

Ken Miller at site 6

Johnny Henson

Henry Braga at site 6

Standing is Eppees and in the left background is building number 2 the Control tower

To the right is building 3 the ATC ferry center

Zean Williams sitting on a P-47 Thunderbolt wing

Buck Fry standing with the hangars of A-Site in the far background

P-38 next to a B-24

Fry and Spaulding standing in front of P-38 Named Sweet-Ellouise

Private 1st class - Jim Tunison

Corporal Bill Stein

Corporal - Bill Irvin

Staff Sergeant - Joe Britz

The 'Steed' on his bike in front of Air Raid shelter number 10 at communal living site 6

Also in the far background is building number 5 the kitchens and mess rooms

Republic P - 47 Thunderbolt - OL Mama

Left to Right are:

Tunison, Irvin, Neujahr, and Britz

Working in front of the Republic P - 47 Thunderbolt is:

Spaulding, Roper, Hinson, and Geist

Left to Right are:

Shorty Whitcomb ''Greasy'' Harold Greisimer Frank Eppes Jack o. ''Misery Hayes"

Cue Ball Club

Back Row are:

Forcine, Pickins, Fry, Whitcomb, and Henson

Middle Row are:

Peterson, Shephard, and Greisimer

Front Row are:

Ainsworth, Walters, Eppes, Gamble, and Spaolding

In the background is Building Number 3 the ATC Ferry Centre

Colin Kelly Hall, Communal Accommodation Living Site 1

Barracks Section 7, Communal Accommodation Living Site 6

Standing  L/R are Leon Hebert, Bud Martin, Dick Williams, and Johnny Daly

In front of Hangar J in the foreground is T-6 Flying Pay

In the background is the Alert and Service garage at the Tecnical site

Crashed Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

A-20 Last Ride

Hands of Guns

'Eppes' Dodging Bombs in Air Raid Shelter No. 10 At Communal Accommodation Living Site 6

Technical Sergeant Ged Case next to Consolidated  B-24 Liberator

Dale Miller standing in front of Republic P-47 Thunderbolt






































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