Site 3

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Site 3 - Communal Living Area (Kyger Hall)

Site 3 is located South of the airfield opposite to the Manchester to Liverpool Railway line on the side of Sycamore Lane at gate 3.

Originally built as a living site covering an area of 46 acres a total of 374 buildings were constructed on site 3.

Mostly Nissen and SECO huts.

During the late 1940's 39 were converted into married quarters.

The site was demolished during the 1950's and redeveloped into single storey semi detached timber framed buildings and were referred to as 'Tobacco' houses.

They were called 'Tobacco Houses'

108 of these houses were constructed large enough to accommodate a family with up to 3 children.

The site also included a club, bar and a bowling ally.

Site 3 was used by the US Army until 1993.

The site was demolished in 2006 for development of a housing estate.

As of 2016 nothing remains of site 3.

However, a pill box defence position remains in dense undergrowth opposite the new housing estate alongside the Manchester to Liverpool Railway line.

Also a railway bridge leads across for pedestrians to a small gate to enter into site 8.

Bowling Ally on Site 3

Timber Framed Housing Area Known as Tobacco Houses They were
called this
because the lease for the land was paid with American tobacco

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