Site 3

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Record site plan

Ariel image of site 3 during the
occupation by the US Army

Starting demolition of
the tobacco houses


Skyline club

Skyline club pamphlet

Squadron Party
Invite Card

Ariel image of site 3 showing
the location of the defence position
at the side sycamore lane


Site 3 Entrance

Site 8 Entrance

World war 2 pillbox bunker
located on Sycamore lane
great Sankey opposite site 3
along the side of the railway

Sycamore lane great Sankey looking
east, the new housing estate on the
right is were site 3 was located

The trees to the left of the road
are where the pillbox is located

Opposite site 3 after crossing the
railway bridge of the Manchester to
Liverpool railway, is this pedestrian gate
in the south perimeter fence

It was there to allow service
personnel into site 8

Since then, it has been demolished
to make way for housing

Site 3 - Communal Living
Area (Kyger Hall)

Site 3 is located South of the airfield opposite to the Manchester to Liverpool Railway line on the side of Sycamore Lane at gate 3. Originally built as a living site covering an area of 46 acres a total of 374 buildings were constructed on site 3.

Mostly Nissen and SECO huts. During the late 1940's 39 were converted into married quarters.The site was demolished during the 1950's and redeveloped into single storey semi detached timber framed buildings and were referred to as 'Tobacco' houses.

They were called 'Tobacco Houses'

108 of these houses were constructed large enough to accommodate a family with up to 3 children. The site also included a club, bar and a bowling ally. Site 3 was used by the US Army until 1993. The site was demolished in 2006 for development of a housing estate. As of 2016 nothing remains of site 3.

However, a pill box defence position remains in dense undergrowth opposite the new housing estate alongside the Manchester to Liverpool Railway line. Also a railway bridge leads across for pedestrians to a small gate to enter into site 8.

Timber Framed Housing Area Known
as Tobacco Houses
They were called
because the lease for the land
was paid with American

Site 3 NCO Club in 1952
photo credit to Victor Davies

Bowling Ally on Site 3

The original bowling
alley had 4 lanes

The new Site 3 bowling
alley is under construction
in this photo

The new bowling alley had 6 lanes
The new bowling alley being used

An original bowling pin from
one of the lanes from site 3

Kindly donated by Sue Potter

The airbase colonel's
house at site 3

Site 3 mail room in 1951 -
photo credit to Herbert Hall

Marjorie Wintersole and her
Daughter Janie both from Ohio

They are standing in front of
the Skyline Club at site 3

This was also the NCO club and
where they took dancing lessons

The photo was taken in the 1950s

The Skyline Service Club

A photo of the housing for NCOs
at site 3 Burtonwood 1968 & the
buck sergeant, U.S. Army
out walking his dog

Family housing plan at site 3

More Pictures etc Coming
Soon Regarding Site 3 .....

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