Site 1

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Record Site Plan of Site 1

The record site plan legend below is for the 1950s period (above).

The site 1 buildings were demolished in the late 1960s
and the concrete bases taken up in 1986.

Building number Description     Building Type
1-23   Married Quarters Nissen
24/25  Not in Use   
26-39   Married Quarters   Nissen
40     Not in Use
41-52    Married Quarters  Nissen
53 Post Exchange Nissen
54  Supply Building Nissen
55/56  Scout Function Nissen
57/60 Married Quarters Nissen
61 Admin AMWD Timber
62-66 Married Quarters Gerrard
67  Latrine Nissen
68 Boiler House Nissen
69-78 Married Quarters Nissen
79  No Building
80 Married Quarters Nissen
82 Not in Use
83-85  Married Quarters Nissen
86 Latrine and Showers Nissan
87 Boiler House Not Used  Nissen
88 No Building
89 Latrine Not in Use Nissen
90-97 Married Quarters   Nissen
98 Not in Use
99 Boiler House Not Used Nissen
100 Storage Nissen
101 Dependent School Classroom Seco
102 Latrine/Showers Seco
103 Dependant School Elementary
104 School Storage Seco
105  Dependant School Theatre Temporary Brick
106 Dependant School High School Seco
107 Dependant School High School Seco
108-112 Supply Building Nissen
113/114 Married Quarters Nissen
115 Gatehouse Number 1
116 Gas Meter Hut Seco
117 Storage Building Temporary Brick
118 Electric Kiosk Temporary Brick
119 Boiler Room Temporary Brick
120 Dependant School Classroom Seco
121 Storage Building Brick
122 Latrine Nissen
122A Not in Use
123 Water Tower
124 Transformer Plinth Concrete
Pump House  Temporary brick.

Site 1 - Communal Living Area (Colin Kelly Hall)

Site 1 was located on the North East corner of the airfield. The main entrance (gate 1) was located on Burtonwood Road. The site was constructed for the RAF in 1939/40.

When the USAAF arrived in 1942 the site was enlarged and by 1943 91 nissan huts and 25 gerard huts had been built.

Each living site was given its own name named after a famous American person (site being Colin Kelly Hall).

After World War 2 the 59th air depot USAF arrived at site 1 during 1948 and refurbished the site.

During the 1950's the site was used for the dependents base school and married quarters. During the LATE 1950's the dependents school was relocated to BRD Site, into building number 8, just inside the main entrance.

The site became derelict by the end of the 1950's and was demolished in the late 1960's.

Part of site 1 now lies underneath the Kingswood housing estate.

Photo taken in September 1945 of
the main entrance to communal
living area site 1, Colin Kelly Hall 

Site 1 was named after the famous B-17 Bomber pilot Colin Kelly, he is remembered as one of the first American heroes of the second world war, after ordering his crew to bail out of their badly damaged  B-17 while he remained at the controls trying to keep the plane in the air before it exploded sadly killing him.

Notice Board When Entering Site 1 Communal Site During
the 1950's (Lady in the Photo - Unknown?).

The Following Photos are the Dependents at Burtonwood
in the 1950's & Their Teachers in Their Classrooms.

The United States Air Force Dependents
School at Site 1 Burtonwood 1953

Dependents Playing Within The Communal Area.

Extracts  from The Highway Burtonwood American School 1950's

P47 thunderbolts of the 8th and 9th Airforce at the
end of world war 2 parked on MAP type dispersals.


Site 1 communal living site is at the top right of the photo.

The perimeter track on the bottom left
leads to the MAP type north dispersal area.

Aerial photo of site 1 communal living area.

B17s parked  on MAP ministry aircraft production
Y type dispersals during world war 2.

Site 1 communal living site is bottom right of the photo.

More Pictures etc Coming Soon Regarding Site 1 .....

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